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AGM Update and Trustee Nomination Form

Being a Trustee is an important and rewarding role, that will involve you taking a key part in shaping the future of the charity and ensuring it can fully embrace the opportunities and also weather the challenges faced by the sector and communities being served.

Volunteering can provide many opportunities, to enhance existing skills and also develop a valuable insight. At the same time as you bring your skills and energy to the charity’s work, you will also gain valuable new experience and knowledge.

It can also be a rather scary experience, especially if you are not sure what precisely you will be dealing with.  You will be provided with guidance and ongoing support. You will also benefit from the knowledge, experience and support of your fellow Trustees hence the need for establishing a common understanding and healthy relationship from the onset.

An effective Board needs a good mix of skills, knowledge and experience, drawn from a wide range of backgrounds.  As well as requiring certain professional skills, the Board also relies on the common sense and general experience of Trustees.

Previous experience has shown that it is vitally important to pay attention to the skill mix you need to lift and safely the land the organisation’s vision/Mission.  The board is particularly keen to attract trustees and volunteers with experience in Human Resource Management, Strategic Planning and Policy, Iteso/African Culture, Children and Adult Safeguarding, Legal and Information Technology, to name but few.  We value diversity and are committed to equal opportunity in every aspect of the charity’s work. We welcome applications from all sections of the community. If you are interested but not sure feel free to contact us for further discussion.

Experience as a charity Trustee is highly valued by employers and prospective employers.  Most trustee roles are voluntary unless it is stipulated in the Constitution that fees can be paid for specific services delivered. The issue of expenses will be tabled  for discussion at the A.G.M.  There are currently at 12 vacancies for Trustee positions.  The association has a registered membership and is looking to grow from strength to strength.  If you are not yet registered, please contact the secretary for a copy.


Trustee election was previously planned for the 23rd of May 2015 but, due to unforeseen circumstances, has been rescheduled for 27th of June 2015.


Time 3:00.5:00pm, followed by Light refreshments and networking.

Venue: St Barnabas, Homerton High Street (corner of Brooksby Walk),

Homerton, Hackney, London, E9 6DL


Florence Labwo – 07970688031   Lflorence04l@aol.com

Betty Ojilong –  07957155821         bojilong2010@gmail.com

Further contacts to be provided.


Trustee Nomination Form

This form must give details of the person making the nomination and the person nominated (nominee).  Please ensure that ALL sections are completed.


Section A: I wish to nominate the person named below for the post of Trustee for IWA UK.

Name of proposer
Title / Position
Contact Details  





Roles currently listed in the Constitution
Vice Chair
Organising Secretary
Assistant Organising Secretary
Youth Coordinator
Health Coordinator
Fund Raising &International Development Coordinator
Information Technology Coordinator
Volunteer Coordinator


Section B: The name of the person providing the nomination

Full Name
Title / Position



To comply with Charity Commission requirements, could you please answer the following questions:

  • Are you 18 or over? Yes/No


  • Are you resident in the UK? Yes/No


  • Have you even been convicted of a criminal offence involving fraud or dishonesty? Yes/No


  • Have you ever been removed by the Charity Commissioners from office as a charity trustee? Yes/No


  • Have you been subject to a disqualification order under the Company Directors ACT 1986 or the Insolvency Act 1986? Yes/No


Section C: What if you want to join as trustee but have not been nominated.

Please include, on a separate sheet, provide brief description of your background and area of work.


Expression of interest form:  

For transparency and accountability purposes,  in addition to basic contact details, you are asked to provide:

1. A statement setting out why you are seeking election as a Trustee and of how you will support the charity’s aims and objects (no more than 200 words)


2. A brief description of any interests or loyalties you may have which might conflict, or be perceive to conflict, with the duties and responsibilities of a member of the Iteso Welfare Association UK.


3. Relevant experience within the voluntary or any other sector qualifications and/or membership of professional bodies or other organisations.


Thank you for your time and contribution