Appointment of Secretariat Staff


On 24th August 2016, we advertised several management positions available at the Secretariat. The following have been successful and have been appointed to serve for 3 years.

Gillian Sutton               –           Finance and Administration Officer

Florence Labwo           –           Coordinator, Welfare and Community Relations

Margaret Atiror           –           Coordinator, Health

Betty Ojilong                –           Assistant Coordinator, Health

Moses Ekole                 –           Coordinator, Education

Leonard Opolot            –          Coordinator, Culture

Willy A. Omongin       –           Assistant Coordinator, Culture

Eva Ochieng                –           Coordinator, Children and Youth

Daniel Outeke              –           Assist Coordinator, Children and Youth, In Charge of Youth

Herrick Ochom             –           Coordinator, Information and Communication Technologies

David Obwale               –          Coordinator, International Development

However, the following positions are still vacant and are yet to be filled.

Coordinator, Economic Affairs: Ref IWA 2016-08-03

Coordinator, Natural Resources Management (NRM): Ref IWA 2016-08-07

Phase 1 of induction for the staff has already taken place. The second phase is scheduled for 1st October, 2016. Issues specific to any of the programmes should now be directed to the responsible officers.

I welcome all the new management team and wish them well in delivering the aspirations of IWA.

Executive Director


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