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Environment and natural resources

African countries are facing several environmental challenges. According to Green Peace, African countries are grappling with climate change, deforestation, water pollution, nuclear waste dumping, and over fishing, among other problems. These problems have serious impact on the development of African countries. Teso sub region has suffered from the effects of climate change. Whereas the whole of Uganda has suffered from different environmental problems over the last 20 years, Teso has had a disproportionately higher burden of these disasters.

For example, in 2007, Teso experienced flooding which caused massive devastation. The floods destroyed 90% of crops, roads and bridges, schools and homes, among other damage. According to the Food and Agricultural Organisation, the floods caused a shortage of 16,419 tonnes of cereals, 27,743 tonnes of tubers in Amuria, the worst affected district in the region, affecting an estimated 312,118 people. According to other humanitarian agencies, the damage from these floods was estimated at 120 billion Uganda shillings (£24 million).

IWA with her partners are working to sensitize communities about the dangers of environmental degradation and benefits of conservation; we carry out environmental advocacy targeting local governments and we are involved in tree planting campaigns. IWA’s long term plan is to set up a botanical garden to educate communities on nature conservation and provide materials. In the long term, our plan is to set up an environmental fund to support environmental activities in Teso region.