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IWA State-of-the-Art Specialist Referral Hospital


The government health policy in Uganda emphasises the minimum health care package. The minimum health care package emphasises, health promotion, disease prevention and maternal and child health. As a result of this policy, services for advanced healthcare needs are inadequate across Uganda.  In Teso sub region in eastern Uganda, like the rest of Uganda, the most advanced treatment a patient can get in a public hospital is surgery. If a patient needs care for an advanced health problem such as kidney dialysis, intensive care, radiotherapy, cancer treatment, and endoscopy, to mention some, they have to travel to Kampala, the capital city, 300 km. Similarly, any form of advanced dental, ophthalmological, Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) and diagnostic services are only available in Kampala.


To improve health care in Teso in a sustainable way, we aim to build a charity owned and managed state-of-the-art high tech first class hospital which will be able: 1. To provide specialised care services; 2. Be a referral for existing hospitals, 3. Be a centre for medical and health research in the region; and 4. Be a model facility to train health professionals. The hospital will be a centre of excellence in healthcare offering advanced and specialised health services.


Having a centre of excellence in healthcare in Teso will: 1. Increase the health services available to 3.2 million in Teso and the immediate surrounding regions; 2. Improve their health status and well being; 3.  4. Enable the region and country to train more health professionals to improve health; 5. Innovate ways to improve health through cutting-edge research; 6. Be an auxiliary to the science university in the Region, and 7. Generally support development in the Region.  In all these, we will be retaining control of the hospital where we can shape its affairs.


To improve the health and socio-economic well being of the people in Teso sub region of eastern Uganda and the surrounding areas.


  1. To improve health and well being through the provision of advanced and specialist health services.
  2. To improve health and well being by training highly skilled health professionals to improve health services.
  3. To improve health and well being by carrying out research on health problems affecting the people.
  4. To improve health and well being by supporting the local economy.


Strategy 1: Provision of services

There is currently no hospital providing advanced healthcare services in the region. Patients have to travel 300 km to the national referral hospital in Kampala. To reverse this problem, the hospital will provide referral services for patients with advanced and complicated health needs.

Strategy 2: Training health professionals

To make sure there are professionals to provide a sustainable service, the hospital will offer internship to medical students. There are currently 2 medical schools in the region. In addition, a university that will train health professionals will be opening in 2017 in the region. The hospital will partner with these institutions but will also offer internships to students who train from other institutions outside the Region.

Strategy 3: Research

There is currently no health research facility in the whole of eastern and north-eastern Uganda. There is need for cutting-edge health research of the health problems affecting people in the region. The hospital will be able undertake medical and health research and use this evidence to improve healthcare.

Strategy 4: Partnership

To achieve its objectives, the hospital will enter into strategic partnerships with key local and international institutions. The partnership will be across the strategic areas of the hospital. We will partner in health service delivery, training of health professionals, and in research.

Hospital Units

This will be a 100-bed general hospital with: 1. An Outpatient Department; 2. An Operating theatre; 3. An Intensive Care Unit (ICU); 4. General Laboratory; 5. Wards for women, men, and children; 6. Specialised units for Ophthalmology, Dentistry, ENT, Diabetes, Cancer, and Dermatology, and a Pharmacy, to mention some.

To operationalise this plan, we will need: 1. An architectural plan of the hospital that we want. 2. Use the plan to acquire strategically located land in the community to build the hospital. 3. Survey the land in the name of the hospital. 4. Write a costed project plan for the hospital. 5. Use the approved hospital architectural plan, land title and project document to mobilise resources to build the hospital.

IWA Hospital will be a modern hospital equipped to offer specialised health services. The hospital will employ highly specialised professionals who offer advanced care currently lacking in the region. Employed staff will be backed by professionals in the diaspora.


The hospital will be owned by Iteso Welfare Association (IWA), a charity registered in the UK and Uganda. Private and independent ownership will give the hospital flexibility, which will be critical for its success.


This hospital is estimated to be built within 2 years and will be built in a phased manner.  We hope to raise this money using a business plan submitted to development funders. User fees, strategic partnerships and other mechanisms will be strategies to make the hospital self-sustaining.

To support this project, please donate through Just Giving. To contact us, email info@iwa-uk.org.uk or telephone +4430 0365 3050.