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IWA UK 31/08/2013 meeting update & Bereavement Annoucement

Good afternoon.

malan Ateker, yoga aswam.

Could I please take this opportunity to inform you that, following a detailed dialogue with meeting attendees, it was decided that the
Annual General Meeting due to be held at St Barnabas in Hackney should be postponed to a later date. An extra ordinary meeting was therefore held in place of the A.G.M.

· Thank you to everyone who endeavoured to turn up and despite numerous challenges encountered, it was encouraging to see the passion & high expectations people had for the charity and the wider community.

· The decision to defer the Annual General meeting was partly informed by the need to consult the wider community on the future direction of the Iteso Welfare Association UK.

· Have you seen & completed the Iteso Community Needs Assessment Questionnaire? This is being complimented by face to face & telephone consultation. if you have time and resources to support this process; please get in touch or visit the website. If case of any difficulties, please let us know.

Bereavement Announcement:

The Late Rt. Rev. Geresom Ilukor of Soroti Diocese
The Late Rt. Rev. Geresom Ilukor
of Soroti Diocese

It is with deep sorrow that I inform you of the sudden passing away of the Rt. Rev. Geresom Ilukor Church of Uganda (CoU), Soroti Diocese, he was unfortunately bitten by a snake; despite efforts to obtain immediate medical assistance, he sadly passed away early this morning. Further updates to be provided.

Please note: The charity’s membership database is currently being reviewed, we need to know what level of involvement you want from the charity.

· Are you happy to receive correspondence, if so please ensure that you provide full contact details, i.e. Name, Address, Telephone & email. i.e. that because some members may have moved addresses, change telephone numbers and email addresses.

· If on the other hand, you prefer that at the moment you do not want to be involved with the organisation; please send me a brief email stating that you want to opt out of the charity’s database. Could you please respond no later than the 30th of September 2013.
Please help share with the people within your network(s). Database review is part of a wider communication plan review/action plan.



Last but not least, the date for the next prayers at St Barnabas will communicated earliest opportunity.
Thank you for your time, patience and contribution.
Florence Jane Labwo:

Chairperson 07970688031