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  • Kemp House, 160, City Road London EC1V 2NX
  • +44 300 365 3050

Mother’s Day Message

Being a mother is a 24 hour, 7 days a week journey!

Who in their right mind would take on a job without a job description and unsocial working hours!

What about this issue of being everything to everyone, a role that requires a myriad of skills; which can be called upon at a moment’s notice; these are but just a few of obstacles mothers have to navigate on a daily basis.

On the flip side of coin are the joys and priceless experiences that motherhood bestows upon us, to allow us to be loving, patient, gracious and humble.

Mothers thank you for the difference you make on a daily basis, you are a great source of inspiration and support. Mothers you are one of pillars upon which our community rest, through both good and challenging times, you have come through and have been the difference that made the difference.


A message from elder Solomon Emong

He sends his heartfelt appreciation to all the mothers, for the wonderful work they do regardless of any prevailing circumstances. To the team of invisible hands, that on the daily basis are helping our Mothers make their difference thank you.  To our Children and young people, Apolon Solomon appreciates and recognises the daily contribution you bring to your mother’s life, your immediate family and society at large. Please keep up the good work.



Last but not least, I will end this message with an acknowledgement from our previous and current members: Could I please on their behalf extend our gratitude to the mothers and everyone who stood by them as they rendered support over the years.

My sincere apologies for missing the previous A.G.M deadline, we are working towards early April Annual General Meeting.

Details to be provided.

Idari Loasuban