Poverty and inequality

Poverty is a major problem affecting the communities that IWA serves, especially in Africa. Recent estimates show that 6 of every 10 people in Teso, in Uganda are poor. These high rates of poverty have affected the communities in multiple ways including failure to ensure the education of children, failure to access good health care, inability to build or acquire decent housing, low agricultural productivity and lack of food for consumption and sale, among other consequences. In the UK, members of IWA are also affected by poverty of a different nature.

To reduce poverty and inequality, IWA we sensitize our members and the wider community about economic opportunities and provide information on economic and employment opportunities; and conduct skills training. In the long term, we are working to strengthen our financial base by establishing an income generating project; and setting up a savings scheme for members. In Uganda, our plan is to support agro-processing; conduct research on viable economic enterprises; support the formation of cooperatives; promote local tourism in Teso region, and set up a micro finance institution as precursor to Bank.

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