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Resolutions of Teso-Karamoja Conference 2018



We, the delegates attending the 5th Annual Teso Development International Conference (TDIC) held at the De Vere Selsdon Park Hotel, London, UK from 22nd to 23rd September 2018 organised by Iteso Welfare Association (IWA) UK, in collaboration with Iteso Cultural Union (ICU) UK and Karamoja Community UK Foundation under the theme of working together for sustainable development:

Concerned that Teso and Karamoja sub regions of Uganda continue to lag behind the rest of the Uganda in development;

Recognising that the development of Teso and Karamoja regions requires active and meaningful participation of local individuals and communities;

Deeply conscious of the wide-ranging resolutions of TDIC 2017 that called for affirmative action for Teso and community engagement in development;

Welcoming, gratified and mindful of the commitment of the Government of Uganda to the implementation of the resolutions of TDIC;

Aware that Teso and Karamoja sub regions have enormous potential of natural and human resources which have not been fully tapped for the development of the two regions;

Realising that development and transformation of the two regions requires the input of both internal and external stakeholders;

Having listened keenly to, and discussed the various papers presented at the conference; and;

Desirous of a better future for ourselves and those after us, do hereby resolve on this 23rd Day of September 2018:

1. To unite as the people of Teso under Iteso Cultural Union, unite with the people of Karamoja & with the people of other Ateker groups under the common name of the Ateker to pursue our Development. [Unity]

2. To improve coordination between the different development stakeholders in Teso and Karamoja including parliamentary groups, civic organisations, religious organisations, & business organisations by liaising with the Ministries of Teso & Karamoja Affairs. [Coordination]

3. To organise a strong non-partisan delegation to meet His Excellency, the President of Uganda to discuss the compensation of the people of Teso. [Delegation]

4. To enhance production and socio-economic wellbeing of the communities in Teso by demarcating areas into production units or economic zones based on their production potential and to mobilise communities to embrace the initiative. [Economic Zoning]

5. To be exemplary in championing development in Teso and Karamoja by engaging in micro development initiatives that can inspire local communities to develop positive mindsets to engage in transformative development activities. [Role Modelling]

6. To actively engage in promoting tourism in Teso and Karamoja sub regions by undertaking activities that can lead to the exploitation of the enormous potential of tourism in the region. [Promote Tourism]

7. To continue advocating for more affirmative action for Teso and Karamoja sub regions by the Government of Uganda through strengthening further the Ministry of Teso Affairs and Ministry of Karamoja Affairs. [Affirmative Action]

8. To establish a non-partisan, multi-agency working group of eminent persons to spearhead the implementation of the resolutions of Teso conferences including the London 2017 conference, the 2017 Convention in Soroti, and others to come. [Working Group]

9. To be conscious of the unique needs of our young people (youth) and of our women by promoting their active and meaningful participation in the development of our people. [Women & Young People]

Signed for and on behalf of the delegates:

Eng. Teddy Loumo Curran


Karamoja Community UK Foundation (KCUKF)

George William Agiru

First Secretary

Iteso Cultural Union (ICU), UK

Hon. Frederick Angura

Acting Chairman

Teso Parliamentary Group (TPG)

Paul Sande Emolot

Prime Minister

Iteso Cultural Union (ICU) Uganda

Dr. Patrick Igulot

Executive Director

Iteso Welfare association (IWA) UK


Hon. Agnes Akiror Egunyu

Minister of State

Ministry for Teso Affair, Government of Uganda

Witnessed by:

Augustine Adugala Lemukol Osuban

The Emorimor of Teso

Miss Tourism Uganda 2018 and Vice Chair Karamoja Community UK Foundation at the conference.
L-R: Executive Director, IWA UK, Dr. Patrick Igulot, Master of Ceremony during the TDIC charity dinner, Anne Grace Eganda and Chairman of Teso Development Conference, Paul Jones Eganda at the dinner.
TDIC 2018 conference delegates at TDIC charity dinner.
TDIC delegates at the charity dinner.
Hon. Agnes Ameede, Member of Parliament, Butebo District, Uganda receiving an award from The Emorimor of Teso on behalf of Equity Bank, Uganda.
Hon. Charles Ilukor, Member of Parliament, Kumi County, Uganda receiving an award from The Emorimor of Teso on behalf of David Wako aka Davido Spider.
Hon. Frederick Anguria, Member of Parliament, Tororo County, South receiving an ward from the Emorimor of Teso.