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Resolutions of Teso Development International Conference

Resolutions of the 4th Annual Teso Development International Conference, London, United Kingdom

We, delegates attending the 4th Annual Teso Development International Conference held at the University of East London, London, United Kingdom, from 18th–23rd September 2017 and whose names are appended herein:

Remembering that Teso sub-region was socially, culturally, and economically prosperous and was characterised by a strong economy, good education, good health and other social services, good infrastructure, lush environment, and dignified people;

Aware that the region has suffered from civil and military conflict and other forms of social instability including persistent raids by Karamojong warriors which have negatively affected the social, cultural, and economic development of the sub-region causing it to lag behind the rest of Uganda;

Concerned that the population of the Iteso people is proportionally declining compared to other ethnic groups of Uganda and is now ranked 5th in Uganda as per the 2014 national population census from its previous 2nd position in 1980;

Noting that Teso sub-region persistently suffers from adverse environmental problems including alternating problem of drought and floods, and environmental degradation which have resulted in episodes of famine and increased poverty levels;

Convinced that Teso sub-region has a lot of untapped development potential including resources and opportunities such as abundant land, fresh water and other natural resources, strategic location and gifted people;

Committed to restoring the former glory of Teso characterised by united, numerically strong and economically prosperous people enjoying high standards of social services and to catch up with the rest of Uganda on this 19th day of September, 2017 resolve as follows:

1. The Government of Uganda empowers the Ministry of Teso Affairs by widening its mandate to include being able to attract donors and investors to Teso and increasing its budget by 200 times in the financial year 2018/2019 to enable it to undertake development programmes and to effectively provide leadership to the sub-region;

2. The Teso Parliamentary Group to follow up the pledge by the Speaker of Parliament to support IWA to obtain strategic land where a modern state-of-the-art specialist referral hospital can be built to improve the health of the people in Teso, the wider north eastern region of Uganda, and Uganda at large;

3. Parliament sets up a Fund (like the Constituency Development Fund) to support engagement of student interns (University Students with excellent A-level results) to provide additional teaching support while on holiday from the University to improve education in the region currently having inadequate number of qualified teachers;

4. Parliament urges the Government of Uganda to put in place an Environmental Fund under Ministry of State for Teso Affairs to support reforestation of Teso sub-region and provide for modern irrigation systems, valley dams and other water management techniques as strategies to mitigate adverse environmental effects in Teso sub-region;

5. The Government of Uganda sponsors 100 qualifying A’ Level students from Teso every year for 20 years beginning in 2018/2019 academic year to study strategic science courses like Medicine, Engineering, ICT, etc. at Soroti University to increase the number of scientists needed to transform Teso sub-region and Uganda at large;

6. The Government of Uganda compensates the Iteso for the loss of their property and wealth including cows and other animals lost through raids by the Karamojong warriors and insurgency by UPA, LRA, and Lakwena, among others armies and that this issue be expedited and concluded by the financial year 2018/2019;

7. The Government of Uganda provides funds in the financial year of 2018/2019 for the construction of Teso Palace and that the Iteso support Iteso Cultural Union to achieve its goals of uniting the people of Teso, promoting the culture of the Iteso, and promoting development in Teso;

8. Call upon the Ministry for Teso Affairs to exercise greater leadership of Teso by improving coordination and engagement of stakeholders and development actors operating in Teso, spearheading efforts for unity and voicing the issues of the people of Teso;

9. To set up an agro-processing enterprise at Soroti Industrial park to revive the local economy and improve the socio-economic status of the people in Teso sub-region through the provision of market for agricultural products and employment opportunities;

10. To set up Teso Education Fund to improve access to higher education in Teso through the provision of scholarships to qualifying but less privileged students from the region;

11. To sign a memorandum of understanding between Iteso Welfare Association, UK and Iteso Welfare Association, Uganda, Teso Parliamentary Group, and Iteso Cultural Union to improve collaboration, partnership and unity in the pursuit of the development of Teso;

12. To hold two annual development conferences for Teso, one in Uganda and another outside Uganda as a way of promoting dialogue and sharing information, knowledge, experience and best practices, and continuously mobilise the Iteso, friends of Teso and donors to develop Teso.

Signed for, and on behalf the delegates:

Dr. Patrick Igulot, PhD, Executive Director             Hon. Patrick Okabe, MP, Serere County

Iteso Welfare Association (IWA) UK                  Chairman, Teso Parliament Group