African countries are struggling to develop. In this endeavour, the use of scientific knowledge and application of this knowledge to solve problems (technology) is crucial. There is currently inadequate application of knowledge and technology to the development of African countries (Uganda National Council for Science and Technology, 2009). Uganda has 16.7 million mobile telephone users, 4.8 million internet users and only 4.8% of the population can access a computer out of 35 million (Research ICT Africa, 2012). The application of technology to manufacturing is equally low. This level of technological development is unsatisfactory.

Teso sub region, which previously had several industrial establishments including ginneries, milk processers and a meat packing factory lost all these establishments. Besides the use of machinery in manufacturing, the use of technology is also very low. Science education, the foundation of a scientific society also declined in Teso since the 1980s. The region is now unable to produce scientists who would drive development. This decline in early industrial development, of science education and the low use of technology to drive development has affected the development of the region.

To reverse this trend, IWA will take bold steps to promote the use, adoption, innovation and education in science and technology. IWA is working to set up a biogas model site to promote biogas and the use of solar as alternative sources of energy. We are also working to promote and support vocational education through provision of scholarships and building a model vocational school; promote and support science-based education; promote and support technological research; set up rural ICT technological centres; and promote and support agro-processing, among other initiatives.