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Speakers and Topics at Teso Conference, London, UK

Speakers at the 4th Teso Development International Conference, London United Kingdom,  University of East London, London,  Stratford Campus, 18th–19th September, 2017,

  1. Professor John Robert Ikoja-Odongo, Vice Chancellor, Soroti University, Uganda.

100 years of the Iteso: Adaptation, Resilience, and Revival (Key Note Address)

  1. Professor Venansius Baryamureeba, Uganda Technology and Management University, (UTAMU), Uganda.

The Untapped Potential of Teso (Key Note Address).

  1. Leonard Ekapu Otekat, Minister for International Affairs, Iteso Cultural Union.

The role of culture in development; a case of Iteso Cultural Union.

  1. Hon. Patrick Okabe, Member of Parliament, Serere County, Serere district.

Strategies for the economic development of Teso.

  1. Hon. Herbert Ariko, Member of Parliament, Soroti Municipality, Soroti district.

The role of leadership in the development of Teso: missing links and opportunities.

  1. Dr. Young Gil Lee, Vice Chancellor, Kumi University, Uganda.

Improving tertiary education in Teso: the experience of Kumi University, Uganda.

  1. Hon. Odongo-Otto, Member of Parliament, Aruu County, Pader District.

Unequal and inequitable development: Why is Northern and Eastern Uganda lagging and how can they catch up with the rest of Uganda?

  1. Hon. Agnes Akiror Egunyu, Minister of State for Teso Affairs, Government of Uganda.

Plans and programmes of the Ministry of Teso Affairs for the development of Teso.

  1. Eddy George Ococ, Member, Lango Association, UK

Contribution of Ugandans in the diaspora to the development of Uganda through investment.

  1. Charles Okwalinga, Teso Professionals’ Enterprise Development Organisation, Teso PEDO, Uganda.

Sustainable and Impact Development in Teso Sub Region: A Case for Enterprise and Investment.

  1. Andrew Billington, Patron and Funder, Kadungulu SS and Billington Vocation Training Centre, Serere district.

The past, present and future of two educational projects in Serere District; a donor’s perspective over 20 years.

  1. Hon. Hellen Adoa, Member of Parliament representing Women, Serere District.

Investing in Education in Teso: a personal journey.

  1. Sophia Irepu, Monitoring, Evaluation, Research and Learning Manager, Restless Development, Uganda.

Young People and Development: Unleashing the Power of Youth to Drive and Deliver Change in the Community.  Six Cases from Uganda.

  1. Ekotu John Juventine, Humanitarian Aid Worker, Adapt International, Uganda.

Beyond relief: household famine resilience in Teso.

  1. Dr. Alfred Banya, Chaplaincy Assistant, Kingston Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Religion and the Church: How Can these work in partnership with the Diaspora for Development in Uganda?

  1. William Masembe Nkata, Buganda Cultural Heritage, UK

Is culture still relevant in modern life?

  1. Hon. Anita Among, Member of Parliament representing Women, Bukedea District.

The role of women in promoting Iteso cultural heritage and development in the diaspora.

  1. Hon. Alex Bakunda Byarugaba, Member of Parliament, Isingiro South, Isingiro district & Chairman, Natural Resources Committee

Alleviating drought and water stress in Teso: a legislative perspective

  1. Hon Andrew Baryayanga, Member of Parliament, Kabale Municipality, Kabale district.

Alleviating drought and water stress in Teso: a legislative perspective

  1. Florence Acen-Owor, Librarian, University of East London.

Tour of the University of East London Library

  1. Joseph Lwevuze, Uganda Technology and Management University, (UTAMU), Uganda.

The role of technology in the development of Uganda, with specific reference to Teso.

  1. Bridget Katungi, Miss Uganda, UK

Mental health issues and development in Uganda

  1. Prince Dickson Wasajja

Human Rights and Development in Uganda with reference to Teso region.

  1. Charles Wanjala

Doing business in Uganda: import, export and tax issues.

  1. Moses Perez Okello, Social Development Worker

Fighting poverty and environmental degradation through groundnuts cultivation, processing and value addition.