Board of Trustees

Martin Osengor
Martin Osengor was a founder member of Pearl Welfare Association, the association that became IWA UK. He has served in various board positions, most notably credited for initiating and championing the international development agenda. Martin is well known for his multifaceted skills with advanced fundraising, branding, strategic planning, service delivery, organisational development and negotiation skills. He was instrumental in the design, funding and delivery of all the Association’s major projects such as Ethnic Vision, Sponsor a Displaced Child, Nile Reflections and the Association’s website.
Paul Egaru
Vice Chair
Nicole Briscole
Honorary Treasurer
Martha Dzimega
Honorary Secretary
Dr. Patrick Igulot
Executive Director

Council of Elders

Solomon Emong
Regina Aide
Mrs Grace Akabwai
Richard Kedi
Mr Bonny Olet
Margaret Aceger


Dr. Patrick Igulot
Executive Director
Florence Labwo
Coordinator, Welfare and Inter-community Relations
Margaret Atiror
Coordinator, Health
Moses Ekole
Coordinator, Education
Leonard Opolot Oguli
Coordinator, Culture
Willy Ameru Omongin
Assistant Coordinator, Culture
Eva Ochieng
Coordinator, Children and Youth
Daniel Outeke
Assistant Coordiantor, Children and Youth, In Charge of Youth
Rebecca Asio
David Obwale
Coordinator, International Development
Holds MSc in Clinical and Experimental Medicine (UCL), MSc in Computer Science (MUK), and BSc (MUK). He has experience managing initiatives for human health in Africa and is well versed with international development matters.
Gillian Sutton
Finance Officer
Betty Ojilong
Assistant Coordinator, Health
Dorothy Elangot
Project Coordinator, Teso Health Appeal